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“​Kitchen With No Reception” hosts this week, curious about everything, responsive to everything, and knowledgeable crazy kids. The children will directly communicate with the artist’s work this week, experimenting with creating natural paints with vegetables and fruits and depicting their dream recipes on paper through tonal exercises.

After the exhibition tour, participants will move to the designated area for the workshop and begin discussing and contemplating the colors of fruits and vegetables. Later, the fruits selected by the workshop leader will be sliced in a controlled manner with the children. The sliced vegetables and fruits will be placed in pots and boiled. During this process, sheets of painting paper will be cut or folded into desired dimensions for each participant, creating individual workspaces similar to origami. Once the natural paint’s consistencies are adjusted, they will be distributed equally among the participants.

After distribution, participants will start drawing on the papers they prepared using natural paint to illustrate how their recipes look, along with ingredient lists and preparation steps.

Age Range: 8-12
Capacity: 10


Lütfullah Genç

Lütfullah Genç was born in Giresun in 1994. In 2018, he graduated as the top student from the Ceramic Department of Hacettepe University Faculty of Fine Arts. In 2016, he completed his academic education through the Erasmus exchange program at the University of West Hungary and the International Ceramics Studio Kecskemet. In 2018, while pursuing his master’s degree at Hacettepe University Institute of Fine Arts, he also participated as a visiting student at Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University under the Farabi exchange program, conducting thesis research. In 2021, he successfully presented his thesis titled ‘Transformation of Personal Memory Images into Art Objects’ and graduated from Hacettepe University.

Genç focuses on concepts of class, object, and memory in his works, approaching the illusions created by perception in psychology through the idea of the object.

The artist sifts through objects with memories etched in memory, presenting them to the audience after filtering through a blurred perception. Using narrow and wide contradictions to leverage the tension in perception, the artist aims to open new spaces for the audience. In doing so, he works with different media and produces new media and installation works, initially using ceramic materials.

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