14 May — 14 August 2022

Ali Kazma’s exploration of time, the rhythms that form within time, and the videos that emerge from these rhythms are featured in the artist’s solo exhibition “Time to Time", which will open on Saturday, May 14 at 5pm at İMALAT-HANE. The artist, who focuses on the methods and possibilities of perceiving, shaping, transforming, and recreating the world, approaches the different distinctions of time, the dialogue he establishes with space, and the expression of this dialogue as definition, personality, and identity using alternative perspectives. (...)

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imāl: (manufacture, production)
Ar iˁmāl إعمال
setting to work, making functional

hane: (house, place)
Persian χāne خانه
house, residence

imalat-hane is an art space located in the Bursa Organized Industrial Zone. It aims at creating an opportunity for the production, exhibition and discussion of contemporary artworks in Bursa. Its goal is to make the city join the art ecosystem.
It acts with the awareness that the projects, the production and circulation of which it supports, are documents joining Bursa’s memory.
It sets up its program with works that reflect upon Bursa’s economic, social and geographic backgrounds.
It attempts to create a network where the ecology and economy of art can work together.
By carrying out a self-sufficient economic system with the support of stakeholders from different sectors, it tries to provide the independence of artistic production.
It wishes to be an off-center, alternative station for art where the local is intertwined with the global.
It wishes to be a space of existence, an extraordinary place where people from all classes and groups can dwell in and life is manufactured.