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At the seminar, in a world where systems are seen as intense elements, the production of the system itself as an art object, the facilitation of techniques and methods of image production, the transformation of manipulating images into folk art, and the transformation of the art object into a system as a natural consequence of the artist’s observation that the sole fixed objects observed by the artist are systems or what they imagine in a practice where the artist describes what they see or imagine, and the artist’s abandonment of image production to produce systems as art objects will be discussed.

Artist, Designer, Educator. Storyteller of Robot Poet Deniz Yilmaz. Bager’s artworks are exhibited in Ars Electronica, Todays Art and Transmediale festivals. He is the co-author of Programming Scratch for Kids, co-founder of Iskele47 Studio and co-curator of Istanbul Maker Faire. Bager is currently on the board of Amber Platform which hosts art and technology festivals since 2007 and Baska Bir Okul Mumkun NGO which works in the democratic school movement. Currently teaching in Todays Art History at Istanbul Mimar Sinan University and Marmara University and Programming for Puppeteers at Berlin Ernst Busch University and running an “Art Talk Show” at FLU TV.

Photo by: Şeref Yılmaz

Art and Cybernetics