imāl: (manufacture, production)
Ar iˁmāl إعمال
setting to work, making functional

hane: (house, place)
Persian χāne خانه
house, residence

Initiated by Bora Gürarda in 2022, İMALAT-HANE is located in the organized industrial area in Bursa. İMALAT-HANE is a platform for the production and presentation of artistic practices. Through exhibitions, performances, and public programs, İMALAT-HANE is where artists of all generations develop new ideas and shape public conversation.

İMALAT-HANE believes in creating artistic impact through productions developed in collaboration with artists and curators, working together from the conceptual framework to the completion stage.

İMALAT-HANE fundraises for the exhibition program through main sponsors and individuals. Please visit the Support page to learn how you can contribute to İMALAT-HANE. You can support by donating.


Işıktepe BOSB Mahallesi
Kırmızı Caddesi No: 1/7C
16140, Nilüfer/Bursa/Turkey

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Bora Gürarda
Founding Director

Yavuz Parlar
Resource and Strategy Development

Gül Özcan
Assistant Director

Merve Karakoç
Project Coordinator

Mert Özay
Operations and Planning

Dilara Sezgin
Graphic Design

Deniz Gezgin
Web Development


Murat Alat
Art Director, 2022-2024