Main Sponsors

İMALAT-HANE realizes its annual programming and activities with the contributions of its main sponsors. The main sponsors consist of institutions that want to contribute to the exhibitions organized with the aim of supporting a contemporary art space in Bursa to facilitate the productions of artists, curators and writers.

You can contribute to 2023-2024 events and activities as a main sponsor. You can contact us for the opportunities presented to the main sponsors and for more detailed information.

Individual Supporters

The group of individual supporters consists of people who believe in the mission of İMALAT-HANE and who want to contribute to the production of new works by artists and exhibitions with the goal of supporting an art center in Bursa.

As an individual supporter of İMALAT-HANE, you can contribute €1,000 to the production of 2023-2024 exhibitions and works. You can contact to find out more about the opportunities presented to individual supporters or use the contact form.

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Yalçın Aras

Yasemin Uyar Duman

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