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IMALAT-HANE is delighted to announce Doğa Ünyaylar‘s first solo exhibition in Turkey, “Acousma”. You can visit the show at İMALAT-HANE’s new venue located in Istanbul’s Manifaturacılar Çarşısı (İMÇ) from October 12th to November 16th, 2023.

In the “Acousma” exhibition, the artist explores a unique relationship with auditory landscapes, noise, and sound. The artist records the sounds of their surroundings, analyzes them, and manipulates the recorded sounds to create sound sequences. These proper sequences construct an auditory landscape within the gallery setting, raising questions about how the surrounding sounds and noise can be evaluated and how sound’s temporal, spectral, and spatial changes are perceived and interpreted. The exhibition showcases works that encompass sound, installation, and experimental notation.

Furthermore, the artist is concurrently organizing many walks and discussions on sound and noise with the exhibition. The sound walks offer an interactive exploration of how sound perception and interaction with space are influenced. At the same time, the talks open up a discourse on the components and workings of the auditory landscape, an integral part of the sound and the environment.

Doğa Ünyaylar was born into a family of musicians and received music theory and flute lessons at a young age. They completed their undergraduate education in the Painting Department at Marmara University’s Faculty of Education. During their education, they participated in various group exhibitions and took courses in experimental art, sound art, and interactive media at KunstUniversität Linz through the Erasmus program. They held their first solo exhibition, “Neither In Nor Out Of Time,” at KunstUniversität Linz. They have also participated in artist residencies in Austria and Lisbon. Ünyaylar is also involved in jazz improvisation and sound performances. They continue to collaborate with the universal collective Speculative Sound Studio. Ünyaylar’s work explores the relationship between good production and different contexts, experiences, space, and contemporary visual art practices.

Photography: Emirkan Cörüt