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The personal exhibition of TUNCA titled “Kitchen With No Reception,” meets the audience at İMALAT-HANE. Between January 6th and April 27th, 2024, at intervals of two weeks, the artist will host cooking performances together with experts from various disciplines, where the meals will be served to the audience simultaneously. The performance will be held in the exhibition space specifically designed in collaboration with Jorela Karriqi, offering an interactive dining experience fostering encounters between guests and spectators.

TUNCA, who has been performing in the context of gastronomy and art since 2014, possesses a versatile practice ranging from peinture, sculpture, video to performance forms. Navigating between official histories and individual narratives within the immense layers of ‘memory,’ the artist encapsulates the notion of witnessing beyond documentary. Utilizing photographic documents which merge with TUNCA’s subjective memory, then transferred onto paper as another chemical residue using a technique with graphite. The artist’s research-oriented practice is concerned with historiography, excavating the past, reconstructing, and reviving it.

The schedule for the performance program that will take place as part of the exhibition is as follows:

January 3, 2024: Ece Pazarbaşı (Curator) – Okan Tapan (Chef)
February 3, 2024: Vedat Ozan (Perfumer/Fragrance Expert/Author) – Arzu Acurol (Chef/Author)
February 25, 2024: Zeynep Sayın (Literary Scientist/Art Theorist/Professor) – Koca Rifo (Fırat İtmeç)
March 9, 2024: Antonio Cosentino (Artist) – Melike Zeytinci (Chef)

Photography: Emirkan Cörüt