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You are invited to the sound walk event taking place simultaneously with artist Doğa Ünyaylar’s “Acousma” exhibition at İMÇ and the exhibition talk they will have with Oğuz Karayemiş.

City sounds are a characteristic part of a city’s identity. Artists and researchers have been conducting walks to explore these sounds for years. As a form of artistic practice, sound walking allows practitioners to expand their perspectives on the auditory data that urban sounds offer in everyday life by focusing on listening.

As described by Hildegard Westerkamp, a sound walk is “any excursion whose main purpose is listening” (1974). As a side event of the “Acousma” exhibition, a thirty-minute soundwalk will be conducted between the 5th floors of İMÇ, led by Doğa Ünyaylar and Serkan Sevilgen. Participants can bring their own recording devices, objects that produce sound, and musical instruments.

Sound Walk and Exhibition Talk