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İMALAT-HANE hosts İnci Eviner for the second exhibition of the season. The exhibition “Beyond Home”, on view between January 7 and April 29, brings together works from different periods in the artist’s career.

İnci Eviner who maps shadows in her works goes beyond representing the three-dimensional universe of the modern mind to focus on its being multi-layered and endless due to the nature of the very material she works with. Eviner’s maps folds back on themselves, new routes emerge from their folds, they wind. While maps as we know them try to abstract the world’s complexity to reduce it to two dimensions, Eviner returns the plurality of life to her maps. The artist’s maps are for being lost in.

Such living maps are always inhabited by bodies in motion rather than by cold signifiers. These bodies are not elements of an organism constructed from above for a divine purpose but rather parts that move according to their wills to exist. İnci Eviner’s maps are for those who are always on the move. Wanderers, migrants, those in pursuit of their desires…

Photography: Kayhan Kaygusuz