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The average art history book understands art only as a history of people and their ideas.  In this conception, the artist is someone who applies ideas created out of thin air in cloudy skies to a set of materials that have no activity. But what happens if we use the ideas from the new metaphysical revolution that has developed in philosophy in the last thirty or forty years, which has eliminated anthropocentrism, to think about the practices of art production? Where can we place the activity of canvases, paints, cameras, ready-made objects and dozens of other materials? What would art look like if we stopped treating them as tools that slavishly and simply submit to the will of the artists? What would it mean to produce/create in this case? Our aim in this seminar will be to reflect on the foundations of a non-anthropocentric ontology of art production in order to answer these questions.

Medium/Material and Form in Art